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The success in introducing a product in the market depends, in a huge percentage, on the knowledge of the taxes costs and the commercial requirements. In this sense, the work of a Custom Agent is quite important in order to find the most profitable customs status and to clear all documentations with the institutions involved in it:

  • Import, export, transits, and Intrastat.
  • Temporary admission and temporary exportation.
  • Quotas and anti-dumping duties.
  • International Post.
  • Ships provisions, supply, vessel equipment and bunkering.
  • Triangular operations, free practice, indirect exits, and successive exports.
  • Inspections with other authorities: health for human consumption products, veterinary health, phytosanitary, pharmaceutical health, control of illegal fishing, SOIVRE, CITES, quality control, etc.
  • Other customs procedures: end-use, inward and outward processing.
  • Management of customs warehouse and free zones.
  • Reliefs from Customs Duties: transferring normal place of residence, diplomatic procedure, secondary residence, school outfits, transfer due to marriage or inheritance.
  • Excisable products.
  • Fishing products.
  • Iron & Steel products.
  • Army material and dual-use items.
  • Goods for building works.
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